Epoxy Polymer Flooring

Epoxy Flooring or Polymer flooring is a hard wearing decorative interior flooring surface range designed for domestic or commercial use. Its dense polymer structure gives it strength and durability.
High resistance to wearing combined with the smooth and seamless Epoxy Floor Coated surface makes it an ideal flooring system in high traffic, entertainment and work areas.


Spay Your Concrete will transform your garage, kitchen, rumpus room, alfresco and wet area in your home, workshop, shopping centre or office with our Epoxy Polymer Flooring. Our range of colours and Epoxy Floor Coating

Domestic and commercial garage and kitchen floors benefit from the water, chemical and oil resistant properties, while the seamless surface is hygienic and easy to maintain.



Once Spray Your Concrete have rejuvenated your decorative surface with our Epoxy floor Coating and the correct maintenance, it will maintain its colour and freshness for many years.


The Importance of Maintaining Concrete with our concrete resurfacing products

Concrete is one of the world’s strongest and most durable building materials available. Properly maintained concrete can greatly extend the life and the beauty of the concrete.
• Spray Your Concrete takes your faded, stained and grimy concrete surfaces to brand new again.
• By restoring the life and lustre, your investment is protected again.
• Prevents any further deterioration of your surfaces, saving on repairs or replacement costs.

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