Covercrete Colours: Choosing The Right Colour For Your Home

covercrete colours

Choosing the right covercrete colour or colours can transform your home’s outdoor spaces, turning mundane concrete areas into visually striking landscapes. Whether you’re resurfacing a driveway, patio, or pool surround, the variety of colours available allows for customisation that aligns with your home’s unique character.

This article will serve as a comprehensive guide to the extensive range of covercrete colour options provided by Spray Your Concrete, focusing on how these hues can enhance different home styles. From warm heritage tones that breathe life into classic designs to cool modern greys for a sleek, contemporary look, we’ll help you decide which colour scheme best suits your residence. Additionally, we’ll discuss design considerations for achieving the desired effect, whether it’s a minimalist single-colour finish or a complex multi-colour flecked appearance.

Covercrete Colours

At Spray Your Concrete, we understand that the perfect colour can transform your concrete surfaces from dull to designer with just a simple application. That’s why we’ve chosen to work with the Dulux Avista range, offering a versatile palette of 21 stunning covercrete colours. These hues have been carefully selected for their aesthetic appeal and ability to complement various home styles. From warm heritage tones that evoke a sense of tradition to cool modern greys that exude contemporary sophistication, rustic natural hues and dramatic dark shades, there’s a colour for every design preference.

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Colour Categories and Matching Home Styles

Choosing the right covercrete colour is more than just picking a favourite shade; it’s about creating harmony between your outdoor surfaces and the architectural style of your home. The benefits of this approach are manifold. Not only does it enhance the overall visual appeal of your property, but it also contributes to a cohesive aesthetic that can increase its value.

Warm Heritage Tones

Our warm heritage tones are ideal for those who cherish the charm and elegance of classic and vintage home designs. This category features a rich palette of earthy and traditional colours that beautifully complement Queenslanders, Victorian, Federation, and other heritage homes.

These shades, including Cream, Sandy Beige, Merino, Lite Mocha, Chestnut, Sandstone, Light Terracotta, Dark Terracotta, Brick Red, and Chocolate, offer a timeless appeal. They can instantly imbue your driveways, patios, and pool surrounds with a warm and inviting atmosphere, making them perfect for homes that celebrate Australia’s rich architectural heritage.

Cool Modern Greys

When it comes to contemporary design, cool modern greys stand unmatched in their ability to bring a sleek and minimalist aesthetic to your home. These covercrete colours, including French Grey, Slate Grey, Bluestone, Silver Sands, and Granite, are specially curated for homes that revel in modernity and simplicity.

Ideal for those who appreciate the clean lines and neutral palettes of minimalist and modern architecture, these shades provide an understated elegance that complements the contemporary lifestyle.

Rustic Natural Hues

For those drawn to the charm and warmth of rustic or farmhouse-style homes, rustic natural colours are a perfect match. These earthy tones, encompassing Chestnut, Sandstone, Light Terracotta, Chocolate, French Grey, Slate Grey, and Silver Sands, evoke a sense of nature and serenity.

These covercrete colours blend with natural materials and warm colour palettes, making them ideal for creating a cosy and welcoming atmosphere in farmhouse and country-style residences.

Dramatic Dark Shades

Dramatic dark shades are designed to make a statement. Covercrete colours like Jet Black, Charcoal, Gunmetal, and Chocolate add depth, boldness, and a touch of sophistication to any exterior.

These shades are especially suited to modern, industrial, and urban home designs, where strong lines and contrasting elements play a key role in architectural aesthetics. Whether you want to create a striking contrast or achieve a monochromatic look, these dark covercrete tones offer versatility and style.

Design Considerations for Covercrete Colour Choices

Choosing the right covercrete colour for your home is not just about picking a shade you like; it’s about creating a cohesive look that enhances your home’s overall design. At Spray Your Concrete, we understand this, which is why we offer homeowners the option to select from a single colour or combine two to three colours for a flecked design. A flecked design adds texture and interest and can replicate the luxurious look of stone or exposed aggregate, giving your surfaces a unique and high-end finish.

Opting for a single colour can achieve a strong, minimalist look that often suits modern homes, providing a clean and uniform appearance. Alternatively, incorporating multiple colours can create a flecked or stone-like appearance, adding dimension and character to your driveway, patios, or pool surrounds. Although not as popular today, stencils and patterns are also an option.

Read our blog post, How to Choose the Right Colour and Design for Your Concrete Resurfacing, for more tips on choosing the perfect colour for your home.


In choosing the right concrete colours, it’s crucial to consider your home’s architectural style and exterior design. Whether you’re looking to enhance the grandeur of a heritage home with our warm tones, complement the sleekness of a modern residence with cool greys, or add rustic charm to a farmhouse with our natural hues, Spray Your Concrete has the expertise and range to bring your vision to life. Our extensive color palette ensures a perfect match for every property, allowing you to transform tired-looking concrete areas into vibrant, designer finishes that beautifully complement your home.

At Spray Your Concrete, we’re always ready to help you pick just the right colours for your project. With over 20 years in the game, we know our stuff and are excited to help you every step of the way, making sure you love how your concrete turns out. If you want to chat about what we can do for your outdoor space, just give us a call at 1800 954 449. Let’s make your place look amazing together.

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